Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week 5 (Mar. 9)

Lent – Thin Places

-This week, make sure you take some time to talk about continuing to meet together in the next year/s. It is our hope that partners stick together through the kids’ Axis years & if the two of you decide, even beyond that! This could be just for Lent mentoring, or keeping in touch, worshipping together, etc.

Remember to pray together & be ready to worship at 7:00!

  • If you could attempt anything, & knew you would not fail, what would you do? (take this as seriously or silly as you like J)

  • When it comes to decision making, do you usually take your time & think it through, or just go with your first instinct?

    • If you say “It depends.” What does it depend on? What factors do you consider?

  • Share about a time you saw, or heard about, something you just couldn’t explain…

  • Do you believe in miracles? What makes something miraculous?

    • What kind of miracles did Jesus perform?

  • What do you think is possible, that others think is impossible?

  • The top 3 moments in my life so far are…

    • What events have had an impact on your faith?

  • What gives you a sense of wonder & awe? Why?

  • Tell about a time you took a risk that paid off…A time that it didn’t?

  • At this point in time, what are your top “wants”? “Needs”?

  • Who is someone in need that you know? What do they need? How might you be a part of helping them?

  • How can you learn to trust God when the future seems uncertain?

Bible reading & Discussion

Open your Bibles to Luke 15:1-3, 11-32. Read it out loud together.
  • The prodigal son (the runaway) was willing to eat what had been set out for the pigs. This was out of desperation, but ask yourself: do you ever make decisions that make your life more difficult? How can our relationship with God help us in our day-to-day lives?

  • The prodigal did not expect to be welcomed back as a son. Do you think he was right? How would you have felt in that situation?

  • The father’s response was immediate. Bring a robe! A ring! Plan a huge meal! What does this story-and the father’s reaction-tell us about God?

  • The other brother’s response was less than enthusiastic. He never did anything wrong & yet his father had never planned a party for him. Who do you most identify with in this story?

Prayer time – Pray for each other’s highs & lows.
Dear God, thank you for (highs). Please be with us as we deal with (lows).

          In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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