Thursday, February 4, 2016

Returners Week 1: For partners that know each other

Hello again! Start your meeting together by sharing your highs and lows from the new year til now. What's been the best thing & worst thing that's happened? 
Then take a few minutes and get reacquainted/ catch up. You don’t have to answer all of the questions, but pick and choose ones that you are interested in asking and answering…
Also included is a Bible reading & some questions if you'd like to go that route.

Just make sure you get in to the Ash Wednesday service by 7:00!

v  How's your family doing?
·         Any recent joys or celebrations?
·         How about struggles or difficulties happening?

v  School & work: These take up the majority of our time don't they?
·         What are your classes right now?                               
·          How's the environment around school? (i.e. morale, big events, disturbances, etc)
·         Mentors, share in return about how your day to day is going.

v  Activities & Events:
·         What’s your schedule like?  Do you have any free time?
·         What’s the last big event you went to? (i.e. game, concert, party, etc.)
·         Are there any events you’re looking forward to? (i.e. birthday, break, etc.)
·         Are you in any sports/activities right now? How's that going?

v  Dreams:
·         What's something you're really looking forward to right now?
·         Are there any goals you're working toward?
·         If you knew you would not fail, what's something you would attempt?

Bible reading, Questions & Prayers

Find Matthew 6:1-16 & 16-21. Read it out loud together.
  • Almsgiving is a way to give money to help others. When have you given something to someone in need? How did that person respond?
  • Hypocrite is a strong word. Why would Jesus use it to describe someone who gets attention for praying in public?
  • Fasting isn't always about food, it's about diverting your attention away from things that distract us from our spiritual life. It's a common practice to give something up for Lent, or take something on to better focus on Jesus. Are you giving anything up or doing something new?
  • What do you truly treasure? Is it stuff? Is it an activity? A person or group of people? How do people know what you treasure?
  • This year our theme for Lent is “Thin Places” & we’ll be hearing stories from different people who have had memorable “encounters” with God…Have you ever experienced something you consider a God moment? What happened?
  • Tonight we’ll experience the practice of “the imposition of ashes.” Ashes symbolize our remorse for our sins and our dedication to repentance. They remind us of our need for God’s salvation. As you come forward for communion, ashes will be placed on your forehead in the sign of the cross to underscore Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for our salvation.  Are there any occurrences in your daily life that remind you of Jesus?

*Prayer time – Pray for each other’s highs & lows.
          Dear God, thank you for (highs). Please be with us as we deal with (lows).

          In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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